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Elections are the time when civil society can have most influence on social dynamic and when both citizens and civil society organizations have a chance to show their power and influence in the society. From the promotion of its ideas and values, through research on different aspects of political life and election dynamic, presentation of information on elections, motivating voters and directing their voting agendas, all the way to monitoring the elections process and analysis of results, civil society has a great potential of using new technologies some election time. Results of the elections, although primarily showing the rankings of political parties, also show rankings of civil society organizations, as well as of civil society organizations, political parties and citizens, and using internet and new technologies is the arena where civil society can have a starting advantage. POINT conference would offer presentations/panels on using new technologies for monitoring elections, the tools used by civil society for informing citizens about elections, tools used for motivating citizens for getting out to vote, as well as what impact social media have on the election process and what it the current situation on political parties in using ICT in their election work