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12th Point conference officially opened

June 24, 2024 | by: point

Darko Brkan, the president of CA “Zašto ne”, started the opening ceremony by wishing attendees a good morning and welcoming them to Point 12.

Foto: Vanja Čerimagić

“It’s been quite a journey”, Darko told the audience at Dom mladih in Sarajevo. “We like to make it special every year, so there are a couple of special things this year.”

He said this year the Point Conference opening was the first one to happen on a Monday morning, and there is a special reason for that. This year the Point Conference is coupled back-to-back with another conference.

The week started with Point and will continue with the GlobalFact conference, which will be held June 26-28.

Darko went on to express his gratitude to the strategic partners of the Point Conference, including the SeeCheck network, ActionSee network, NED, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Open Society Foundation, Sustain Media, European Union and Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Special thanks was given to the Zašto ne team, starting with Sofija Tovarović, Amra Lemeš, Amina Izmirlić Ćatović and Alisa Karović, without whom “the Point Conference wouldn’t be happening”. He also invited the entire Zašto ne team to join him on stage, and with that, Point 12 was officially opened.

Author: Nerma Šehović