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This year, on May 20th, in the premises of Hotel Europe in Sarajevo, ActionSEE network will promote open data for public institutions from the Western Balkan region.

As a part the Regional Openness Index project and Data Academy, Data Advocacy conference will aim at showing what data can do better transparency and efficiency of not only communication between public institutions and citizens, but also for making life easier.

By sharing good practices and inspiring examples from the world, Europe and the region, we want to persuade everybody that open data are trend that is here to stay and it’s worth including openness policy into any public institution strategy.

The invited guests-speakers who are open data practitioners and experts, and will explain their experiences with making public institutions open and why it pays off.

We invite public officials, representatives of public administration, journalists and civil society organization representatives interested in the openness topic both on the policy making level and in the technical details of opening the public data.

The conference will take place in Hotel Europe in Sarajevo, on Wednesday, May 20th.

For more information please contact [email protected] or call us at +387 33 61 84 61