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Critique of AI from a non-programmers perspective

May 17, 2019 | by: point

Filip Dobranić, of “Danes je nov dan” from Slovenia talked about the AI and its applications in the real world in a panel moderated by Danira Karović (Zašto ne). 

Filip opened up the panel with the story about Talos, the first mythological AI. Although he just threw rocks, one could argue that because he had tracking and had to anticipate when to throw rocks he was the first recorded AI.

Since they couldn’t destroy him with machines, the Argonauts had to resort to plain old human intelligence and deception.  

One of the problems that we are facing now, even us from the tech field is the fact that we do not feel adequate to talk about AI. This topic is mostly reserved for people with PhDs and higher education, not for ordinary people.

In his presentation, Filip tried to debunk those myths. The main take from his presentation is the following: AI and its uses already have an effect on all of us. That is the main reason why we should engage with people who develop AIs.

Although there is a good chance that you might be called ignorant, or inadequate, you should not be discouraged from engaging in the discussion.

On of the main issues we now have with the AI now is the fact we do not actually know how it makes its decisions. However, in order to make this process transparent, more people need to engage in these discussions.

Watch the full video: