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Elections in the Balkans – What can citizens do?

May 12, 2016 | by: Dalio Sijah

Parliamentary elections in Serbia were completed a few weeks ago, Macedonia will have parliamentary elections in June while local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held in October. This year Montenegro will also have a parliamentary elections. In all these countries, civil society is actively involved in the elections process through numerous campaigns, and their role in the election process will be a panel topic of the discussion about the elections in the Balkans.


At the panel discussion, that will be held on Thursday 26th of May at 10: 45h,representatives of civil society organizations from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina that will participate are: Jovana Đurbabić from the organization CRTA from Serbia, Adnan Huskić from BiH, Dragan Koprivica from the Center for Democratic Transition from Montenegro, Dario Jovanovic “Pod lupom” from Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Zlatko Dimitroski from Macedonian organization MOST.

Complete program of POINT 5.0 conference is available here.