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Fact-checking of media – Innovative approaches that make media accountable

May 12, 2016 | by: Dalio Sijah

A large amount of information in the Internet age and a large number of  information portals, often require additional verification of statements of daily news, so in recent years large number of services has been developed, that are engaged in  addition to fact-checking of statements by the authorities, checking the allegations from the daily news.

Media News concept

Fact-checking of the media will be this year’s topic at POINT conference panel discussion, that will be held on Friday 27th of May at 16: 45h.

This panel will be participated by Abbas Adel and Haytham Mones from Egyptian portal Akhbarmeter, Filip Stojanovski from the Macedonian Foundation Metamorphosis, a panel will be moderated by Paulina Janusz from BiH.

Complete program of POINT 5.0 conference is available here.