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Faik Ispahiu: The last elections brought changes to Kosovo’s political scene

June 16, 2021 | by: Alisa Karović

In another Point Talks, we talked to Faik Ispahiu, founder of, an online platform for reporting corruption, fraud, conflict of interest, and other related cases of misuse of official position, negligence, including cases on hampering the Kosovo citizens’ rights.

We talked with Faik about the recent elections in Kosovo, political changes, Kallxo projects and their impact on Kosovo society. We also discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and how the global crisis affected the election process.

Currently, Faik Ispahiu is the Executive Director of Internews Kosova. He holds a degree in directing for Television, Film, Radio, and Theatre. Ispahiu has 21 years of experience (since 1997) in managerial, supervisory, training, professional journalism support, and development of free and independent media in Kosovo and the Balkan region.

Faik Ispahiu is known as the director and executive producer of the popular Internews Kosova, and BIRN produced TV debates “Jeta ne Kosove”, “Drejtesia ne Kosove” as well as the debates “TEMA” – the first TV debate series focused on the dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia, broadcasted in Kosovo, Serbia and other TV stations in the Balkan region.

He is also the founder of Krypometer, the fact-finding mechanism of Internews Kosovo and BIRN, which is also a member of the International Fact-Finding Network – IFCN.

Ispahiu specialises in providing training with a particular focus on electronic media, management, marketing, TV production, and the development of commercial media strategy in Kosovo. His interests lie in fighting corruption, fact-checking, and theatre.