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Freedom of Expression Online Between Corporate and Government Censorship

May 17, 2016 | by: Dalio Sijah

We live in times of serious restriction regarding online freedom of expression. Not even democratic societies are free from censorship. Freedom of expression is essential to the free exchange of information and ideas, therefore it’s crucial for maintaining democratic values in society.


Government censorship is usually very open, arresting people over tweets and facebook posts is not something that is hidden easily, but corporate censorship is not so noticeable, and we are usually not aware of misleading information we receive as a part of media spin by multinational corporations.The questions is, between government and corporate censorship is there any truth left out there?

Speakers at the panel are Jillian York from Electronic Frontier Foundation  (Berlin,Germany/US) and Matthew Stender from (Berlin, Germany/US) and discussion will be moderated by Darko Brkan from Zašto Ne (BiH).

Panel is a part of POINT 5.0 – Day 2 and will  be held  in Art Cinema Kriterion, starting at 15:30.

Complete program of POINT 5.0 conference is available here.