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Ahmed Samih Farag

Ahmed Samih Farag

TV talk show presenter


Ahmed Samih Farag is human rights defender, trainer, and researcher. He has extensive experience as organizer and trainer in international programs for human rights education, journalism and social media worldwide. He has served as a media adviser and director of media observation in a national campaign for monitoring elections in Egypt 2005 in the first presidential elections in Egypt. He has also worked for Supporting NGOs and Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion. He is the founder of various organizations: Liberal Youth Seminar sponsored by New Civic Forum, Knowledge Club, and Free Youth Association and Andalus Institute for tolerance and anti-violence studies and radio Horytna 1stinternet radio in Egypt and 2nd in the Middle East.

Also Mr. Farag is member of the advisory council for World Youth Movement for Democracy and jury for the annual Pedro Luis Boitel Prize for the year 2015

And he is a Member in Euromed Rights – Euro-mediterranean human rights network.