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Aistė Meidutė

Aistė Meidutė

DIGIRES (Baltic Research Foundation for Digital Resilience)


Aistė Meidutė has been actively fighting disinformation since 2017. Starting from analysis of Kremlin’s disinformation and propaganda narratives she was one of the founders of the biggest Lithuanian news outlet Delfi fact-checking initiative ‘Melo detektorius’ where up until today she works as an editor and lead fact-checker. 

In 2021 she joined DIGIRES (Baltic Research Foundation for Digital Resilience) project as a fact-checker, consultant and media literacy lecturer and is currently involved in BECID (Baltic Excellence Center for Combating Information Disorders) HUB activities. 

Her main fields of interest include investigative journalism, counter-misinformation and disinformation activities and media literacy interventions.