Alexios Mantzarlis

Pagella Politica / FactCheckEU

Alexios MantzarlisAlexios is Managing Editor of Pagella Politica, and FactCheckEU. He has presented Pagella Politica and FactCheckEU’s work on Italian TV and in conferences across the world, as well as led seminars on fact-checking at the University of Bologna and the College d’Europe. He was a coordinator of the international “G20 fact-checkathon”. Before becoming a fact-checker he worked for the United Nations and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies.

Pagella Politica (, online since 2012, is the only Italian website dedicated to political fact-checking. The website monitors statements made by Italian politicians to verify their truthfulness according to reliable data and sources. Pagella Politica and its European spin-off have obtained corrections from elected politicians and featured on media outlets worldwide such as Die Zeit, The Economist, Kathimerini, Libération, The New York Times and The Washington Post.