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Alma Midžić

Alma Midžić



Alma Midžić graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, received her master’s degree from the regional MA program “Democracy and Human Rights in Southeast Europe” on the topic of social movements and common goods, and is currently completing an interdisciplinary academic master’s degree “Protection from natural disasters” on which she is finalizing the thesis “Water Supply in Transition”.

She published articles, essays, and commentaries in collections, magazines, and digital editions covering topics of common and public goods, social control of resources, and decision-making. She designed policies in the field of environment, sustainable development, communication, and participation. As a researcher, she has worked on several assignments studying green transition, gender equality, corruption, participation, and environmental protection in BiH.

She is an active member of the Coalition for the Protection of Rivers in BiH and supports the work of several initiatives for the protection of natural and common goods.