Altin Ukshini

IPKO Foundation

Altin UkshiniAltin Ukshini is a FLOSS (Free Libre and Open Source Software) and Open Knowledge activist since 2009. As a very active community guy, he has passionately co-founded and led tech projects and events in Kosovo and the US. Altin works as a Senior Program Assistant​ at IPKO Foundation – a  local operating foundation in Kosovo, the goal of which is to seed and support the development of the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo​. Altin helps on organizing some of the foundation’s projects, as well as manages the tech part of projects such as,, Next Generation Scholarships, Doku:Tech etc.

He is also the President of the Executive Board at FLOSSK (Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova) and MOSSCon, Prishtina Hackerspace co-founder, board member at STIKK (Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology) and a Mozilla representative from Kosovo.