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Arb Abdyli

Arb Abdyli



I am Arb Abdyli, a young entrepreneur from Kosovo. I started doing business at the age of 18, when I opened the first company. I am the founder and CEO of one of the most well-known training centers in Kosovo, ROI Academy, the founder of the digital marketing company, ROITIV Group and co-founder of an online media, Portali Alarm.

Before opening my own companies, I worked for 5 years for many companies located in Kosovo and across Europe, where I was engaged as a digital marketing expert. Within two years, ROI Academy has successfully trained more than 1500 people of all ages from Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia and Montenegro. While, now it will offer training courses also in Croatia.

What I consider to be my greatest career achievement is the fact that I have managed, through my companies, to equip people with special needs with skills that they have never had access to before, such as digital marketing, graphic design, programming, video animation, cyber security, and much more. I am passionate about technology and the changes that come along with it, so each of my businesses is technology oriented and that is why each one of them is succeeding.