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Atheer Al Mujaheed

Atheer Al Mujaheed

Youth of the World Together


Atheer Al-Mujahed is Creative Director at YWT and Co-Founder and Director of Etreek24.

Youth of the World Together (YWT) is a Yemeni Civil Society Organization that has a record of accomplishments in establishing safe platforms in Yemen. Since its establishment, YWT has operated with the mission to bring social change, innovation, and economic opportunities to Yemeni communities by empowering and mobilizing youth through art, culture, and new media. The organization’s key focus was to enable youth to voice their issues by utilizing arts and culture, and social media to promote human rights, peace, and democracy messages to a wider audience base.

Etreek 24 is an innovative digital initiative that addresses misinformation and emphasises the importance of fact-checking and accountability in media and journalism. It employs data visualisation and storytelling as creative tools to communicate, promote democratic values ​​and human rights to contribute in making societal change. We aim to advocate Yemeni youth voices and highlight their reality.

Workshop Description:

Civil society organizations (CSOs) today face immense challenges in delivering their messages, building bridges with their audiences, and standing out amidst the overwhelming sea of content on digital platforms. In this workshop, we will explore the experience of “Etreek 24 – a YWT project” in creating engaging and impactful content for CSO platforms. This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding audience behaviors, needs, and desires
  • Crafting compelling and attractive content that resonates with target audiences
  • Effectively communicating with audiences across digital platforms