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Azra Tatarević

Azra Tatarević



Egyptian activist involved in

Every dictator reads from the same book.

In order to control people you have to spread fear, in order to spread fear you have to fight an enemy, and if there is no one, you have to make one.

The steps are then as follows:

1- create propaganda in the mass media

2- dehumanize the enemy

3- kill the “enemy”

4- Be fully in control (this control includes financial interests, main resources, media, education, civil society). End hope for democratic transition.

5- It is very easy to accuse the opposition if they demanded transparency, accountability, etc. that they are spies. After that, build prisons, lock up people, mass killings, massacres.

Killed in Egypt works to create a counter narrative. To humanize victims, tell their stories , make people understand they are not anymore the enemy, they are our friends, family, neighbors.