Baybars Örsek

Dialogue for a Common Future Association

Baybars Örsek was born in İstanbul in 1986. He completed his secondary education at Beşiktaş Anatolian High School. He holds his Bachelors degree in International Relations from İstanbul Bilgi University and obtained Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Sabancı University. Baybars Örsek is pursuing his PhD program on Political Science at Yeditepe University. Baybars Örsek performed in the Non-governmental Organization activities during his higher education life, alongside his participations in politics. He acted as project coordinator primarily in Young Leaders of Anatolia and in many others. Working voluntarily in a think-tank in Toronto for the children to reach private educational institutions, Örsek achieved success in the USA capital Washington DC with being the first non-American citizen positioned as intern in ‘Turkish Coalition of America’ in 2010. In 2010, Baybars Örsek attended a one-month programme on ‘Preventing political conflicts’ at the University of Maryland and in this respect, he pioneered in organizing a workshop on citizen diplomacy between Turkey and Armenia with the participation of Turkish and Armenian university students and getting the results available for public. Baybars Örsek attended two different political exchange programs covering Lebanon, Qatar and United Arab Emirates and shared ideas with the leading characters of the mentioned countries in politics, economy and social issues. Between 2012-2013 Baybars Örsek was a part of the Platform for Global Challenges as the Organizational Coordinator where he coordinated many events dealing with international issues. Baybars Örsek is the founder of the consulting firm Istanbul Solution Center and is currently Chairman of the Dialogue for Common Future Association.

The Dialogue for a Common Future Association was established on January 16, 2014. The association was established to further Turkey’s democratization process and to mobilize Turkish youth in favor of a participatory and plural social and political environment in Turkey. Through national and international projects, The Dialogue for a Common Future Association aims to satisfy demands of Turkey’s youth for more democracy, participation and dialogue for “common future” ideal. The Association rejects all attempts and discourses which intend Turkey to become a introverted country, and threaten Turkey’s culture of living together. The founders of this organization believe that Turkey’s democracy would be strengthened with more participation and representation, and for this ideal, Turkey’s youth should have more voice. With ever increasing volunteer network nationwide, The Dialogue for a Common Future Association calls those who own similar ideals to join its activities.