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Besjana Hysa

Besjana Hysa



Besjana Hysa is co-founder of AIS, an organization promoting Open Data for Albania. The organization is part of the working groups on several projects on watchdog transparency, accountability, fair elections and good governance. She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Informatics and holds a Master Degree for System Information in Economy from the University of Tirana. She is currently working with several projects like Open Procurement Albania, Red Flag Index for Local Government Contracting, and Open Government as Good Governance. Besjana is also part of the working groups engaged in implementing the OGP action plan for Albania.

This would be the fourth time for Besjana to attend POINT to present the initiative of the Civil Society in Albania for implementing Open Contracting standards and for monitoring procurement through the Red Flag Index.

At POINT 0.6, she is going to exchange with participants from neighboring countries models applied by AIS for Local Government, their impact, and present an overview of the situation in Albania.