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Besjana Hysa

Besjana Hysa

Albanian Institute of Science


Besjana Hysa is Project and Office Manager at Albanian Institute of Science.  During this time she has been working on promoting Transparency through Data by monitoring and analyzing the information on everything related to public expenditures in Albania and implementing digital platforms that provide information to citizens. She is currently involved in the following project: “Money, Government and Politics” project for publishing data about assets, incomes and expenditures declared by high level officials in politics and judiciary system.

Electoral Spending project that contains data and analyses on electoral campaign expenditures and Open Local Government Procurements Albania a new project for the 61 Local Government Units in Albania. The portal aims at opening data about procurement, tenders, and public contracts. At POINT 5.0 , she would like to share with other organizations from neighboring countries the model that they are applying in Albania, its impact and potential options for extending this work beyond local government in Albania.

She graduated from the Faculty of Engineering Informatics at Polytechnic University of Tirana.