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Bojan Kordalov

Bojan Kordalov

Institute for Good Governance and Euro Atlantic Perspectives

North Macedonia

Bojan Kordalov is a Senior Communications and Advocacy Specialist. He serves as a President of the Institute for Good Governance and Euro Atlantic Perspectives (IDUEP Skopje) and a Director of Policy and Representations of the European Centre of Excellence (ECE Brussels).

He holds a MA in Communications and has been actively working in this fields for more than 20 years. Bojan actively participates in creation of a large number of communication and visibility strategies, promotional and other advocacy activities, as well as additional communication campaigns for the needs of public institutions, private companies, civil society and international organizations.

15 years ago, Bojan and his team introduced the first Analysis for effective usage of social media by the public authorities and institutions in North Macedonia as one of the digital mechanisms for inclusion of the citizens and general audience in the decision-making processes on local, national and international level. Bojan Kordalov was the first President of the Digital Transformation Council for Western Balkans of the Heidelberg Institute – Skopje and IDUEP Institute.

Publicly, he advocates the necessity of inclusive communication processes for the EU membership and EU accession processes as well as the digital society transformation reforms, media and digital literacy thus combating disinformation, conspiracy theories, discrimination and hate speech. Bojan is actively involved in various of national and regional activities and projects connected to empowering of young people and women.

Bojan Kordalov is author and co-author of number of publications and has been engaged as a regional and international expert from several international organizations as a consultant and certified trainer who has held more than 500 trainings in the last 10 years. He has regular public appearances in electronic, print and online media, and has written columns in these respective fields.

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