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Borna Sor

Borna Sor

News Bar, Croatia

borna sor

Born as single son of the only mother in the family of “purgers” ( slang for people from Zagreb) immigrants in 1984 in Zagreb. He finished elementary school, where he learned how to read and write. After completing Elementary school, with 28 years, he joined the News Bar, where he used his writing skills for creating satirical articles.

Due to the attractive appearance, he obtained an engagement as head writer on the project “Mounted Process”, but since no one wanted to read his scripts, he was forced to take over the role of a leader.

He is known as a judge on the university debates across Europe. He claims that he never took bribe, but with him the teams from richer countries always won. In his spare time he is ignoring obligations as Vice President of the Quorum of the satirical journalists.