Carlos Hernandez-Echevarria


Carlos Hernández-Echevarría (Madrid, 1983) joined in 2020 to oversee its public policy and advocacy operation. Before that, he worked in TV news for 15 years as a reporter, correspondent and executive producer. He has a BA in Journalism (Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid, 2006) and a MA in Elections and Campaign Management (Fordham University-Fulbright Program, New York, 2014). He is a regular contributor in several Spanish media. is a nonprofit media outlet founded in 2017, the premier independent fact-checker in Spain and the most visited across the European Union. Our motto “journalism to not be fooled” summarizes our mission: monitoring public discourse and promoting transparency; fighting dis and misinformation through fact-checking and data journalism techniques; and promoting media literacy and technological tools to create a more resilient community that is less permeable to disinformation.