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Dardan Kryeziu

Dardan Kryeziu


DardanBorn in 8 June 1986 in village Brezne close to the city of Prizren. He finished bachelor studies in Psychology in 2005, where currently is in the end of master studies in Counseling Psychology. From 2007 was engaged in civil society activities, where finished school for European integration and different trainings in field of human rights, civic participation, democracy etc. In period from 2010-2012- has worked as a National Coordinator of NGO Mus-e Kosova. From 2013-current is engaged as a Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting officer, at CiviKos Platform.

CiviKos platform – is an initiative of civil society organizations in Kosovo aimed at creating an enabling environment for formal cooperation between civil society and government sector in Kosovo.

CiviKos platform, after a long process of consultation with the participation of over 130 civil society organizations from Kosova , on 9 November 2007 signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government and civil society (represented by CiviKos Platform). This memorandum represents the first formal document that provides mutual commitment to institutional cooperation and genuine partnership between the Government and civil society organizations.

On 5 July 2013 the Government of the Republic of Kosovo approved the Strategy and Action Plan for Cooperation with civil society 2013-2017. In April 2014 government approve decision to establish Council for Implementation of the strategy where 15 representatives are from civil society o and 14 from government. CiviKos Platform has selected the representatives of Civil Society with a very open and democratic process.

Curently Dardan Kryeziu at CiviKos Platform is monitoring implementation of the strategy with the main focus participation of civil society organizations at public consultations.