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Darko Soković

Darko Soković



Darko Sokovic is the managing partner of strategy and development at Propulsion, a leading supplier of social impact campaigns and projects in the Adria region and wider. A documentary film director by trade and an entrepreneur by conviction, he founded Propulsion in 2011 in Belgrade and Sarajevo, when he was 25.

Darko is an expert in developing socially engaged narratives that respond to the most complex demands and media environments. He today manages 20+ employees and 180 associates in Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Bratislava, working with the most influential brands, NGOs, governments, and developmental actors. The approaches he devises invest close to a million Euros a year in critical thinking, digital and media literacy programs, empowering a new generation of innovators and leaders.

Darko is an award-winning strategic communicator, acknowledged head of creative, and a board member at the leading Serbian LGBTQI+ non-profit Da se zna! He is a regular contributor to BizLife monthly in Serbia and Oslobodjenje daily in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the topics of social impact, founder of Philanthropy Forum in Serbia and Corporate Social Impact Committee with AmCham BiH, as well as a member of the Serbian Association of Managers, the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), and Nordic Business Alliance.