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Đorđe Kolaković

Đorđe Kolaković

Catalyst Balkans, Serbia

Point 5.0 - DjordjeKolakovic

Đorđe has started working at Catalyst Balkans doing data-entry, then moved on to Data verification and Visualization and now he is the Communications and Outreach Manager.
Catalyst Balkans was established in early 2013 as an initiative launched with the aim of measuring and creating tools to promote the development of a culture of giving and improving the transparency of individual and corporate donations in the Western Balkans.

The objectives of the Catalyst Balkans are focused on providing current information, data on philanthropic activities of countries in the region through the GivingBalkans database.

Catalyst Balkans was established in Belgrade, and covers an area of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo and is focused on cooperation with a wide range of individual interest groups in order to improve their understanding of and involvement in local philanthropy.