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Eleanor Stewart

Eleanor Stewart

Head of Transparency, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

ES pic1Having worked in communications for much of her career, Eleanor has extensive experience of both internal and external communications and Transparency and Open Data.  Currently Head of Transparency for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office she is responsible for driving the necessary institutional change within the department and the release of its information and supporting the UK Governments international programmes and objectives in Transparency and Open Data through the Open Government Partnership and other initiatives as well as working to embed digital methodologies and processes in the day to day work of a foreign affairs ministry.

Some of her achievements in introducing new technologies and policies into government include:

  • Ensuring that digital media are included in the production, reporting and evaluation of Government policy and initiatives
  • Launching working with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Andrew Stott to facilitate the release and reuse of government data
  • Pioneering the use of hack days or collaborative events to inform/develop foreign policy
  • Defining security and propriety rules for civil servants working with and using social media
  • Developing and promoting the use of web 2.0 and social media technology within the secure network of the civil service to improve knowledge sharing and efficiency