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Filip Dobranić

Filip Dobranić

Today is a new day


Filip literally runs on batteries. This has afforded him the attention of such wonderful people as TSA agents, security officers in parliament buildings, and the occasional prison guard. He powered through 12 years of “alanyi és tárgyas ragozás” and emerged still incapable of speaking proper Hungarian. While he spent almost half of his life as a classical guitarist he ditched long nails to study philosophy and sociology of culture at the University of Ljubljana.

He spent his high school and university years battling it out in the classrooms of Seoul, Washington D.C., Koç, Gaborone, Manilla, and others. At times, he was the nerdiest amongst nerds doing “professional debating” (the closest thing to sport for nerds). At his first foreign international debating competition he almost cut his finger off.

He spent several years building and lecturing at one of the first Start-up Schools in the world giving solicited (though often questionable) advice to over 300 start-ups and stopped counting.

In 2013, he co-founded Today is a new day, institute for other studies where he’s responsible for hacking and <3. The institute is experimenting with ways the internet can be leveraged to tweak “democracy” into something slightly more sustainable. The institute’s biggest project is Parlameter, which provides in-depth analytics for what happens in the parliament. It has a ton of fancy features, but – sadly – the most impressive thing you can read about it in this paragraph is that Google decided the project (and the institute’s work) is worth their money.