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Haytham Mones

Haytham Mones



photo credit: Vanja Ćerimagić www.cerimagic.baHaytham Mones is a co-founder of Akhbarmeter project, a media fact checking website in Egypt that aims at promoting professionalism among Egyptian media channels. Formerly, he worked as a researcher in the cabinet of the ministry of planning and international cooperation in Egypt. He has been working on various initiatives that promote social and political change through online technologies.

In Egypt, he worked for more than 10 years on social development projects and initiatives. He has co-founded Qestas NGO for peace, development and Human Rights. Later, he implemented a web-platform with the ministry of international cooperation in Egypt that provides Egyptian citizens with information on completed and in-progress public service projects and enables them to evaluate public service delivery. He also worked as the deputy director of Tahrir Lounge project at the Goethe institute and as a Program Coordinator at the American University in Cairo. On the international arena, he co-founded the platform with the creators of MorsiMeter, with the aim of enabling political activists worldwide to create their own similar platforms to hold their politicians accountable.

He studied Engineering, Public Policy and Human Rights. Formerly, he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, finished his diploma in public policy and child rights from the Faculty of Economics and political sciences, Cairo University. And currently he holds his master’s degree in Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights from the University of Nottingham, UK.