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Haytham Mones – Eldrak Labs

Haytham Mones – Eldrak Labs

Haytham Atef MonesAs a communication expert in the Marketing and Communication department in the cabinet of the ministry of planning and international cooperation, Haytham Mones has been working on developing strategies for transparency and access to information. In this regards, he has successfully implemented the first website of its kind for the ministry that provides citizens with information on completed, in progress and planned projects in a better and easier way for users to access, In addition, he holds the responsibility of managing the ministry’s social media team and sets the strategy for content creation and development.

On a different note, for more than 5 years, Haytham has been working as a trainer in the field of social media and Creative Problem solving. He has conducted training in Egypt, Germany and Netherlands.

His 12 years of involvement with civil society in Egypt, working on various projects and initiatives, he has cofounded Qestas NGO for peace, development and Human Rights. He has also co-founded other initiatives, such as Sinai Development Project and Nation without Borders. He also worked as the deputy director of Tahrir Lounge project at the Goethe institut and the Program Coordinator of Lazord Academy at the American University in Cairo.

He also designed and created and still provides guidance for their team on developing their social media strategies. On the international arena, he co-founded the platform with the creators of MorsiMeter, with the aim of enabling anyone in the world to create their own similar platform as MorsiMeter and make their politicians accountable. The platform has initiated JomaaMeter,org and in the process of implementation for more than 5 other different countries.

He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University and is currently studying public policy and child rights at the Faculty of Economics and political sciences, Cairo University. “