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Huda Shafig

Huda Shafig

Feminist and a women's rights activist


Huda Shafig is a feminist and a women’s rights activist from Sudan with a decade of experience in women, peace and security. Her work has focused on gender equality and social justice being part of Sudanese women’s movement. Huda previously worked as a gender advisor for UN Environment, where she contributed to the implementation of a project in North Kordofan, Sudan, as part of the UN Joint Programme on Promoting Gender-Responsive Approaches to Natural Resource Management.

She previously worked at the Institute for Inclusive Security, Washington DC, tracking reviews, summarizing research, reports, and policy for the Syria and South Sudan/Sudan teams. Before that, Huda worked for seven years with local and international NGOs on human and women’s rights and peacebuilding, developing her skills in advocacy, community facilitation, and program management. Currently she is the Sudan Program Director with Karama, a network of civil society groups and activists across Africa and the Arab world.

Source: The FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum (FriEnt PBF)