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Ismir Omeragić – Valicon

Ismir Omeragić – Valicon

ismirIsmir is part of Valicon team since 2004, and currently is at the position of partner and CEO of Valicon BiH and senior consultant as well.

His extensive experience of 15 years in research is based on numerous projects within different industries: from finance, to FMCG, to media and public opinion, to retail and tourism. Apart from consulting based on research, Ismir has special interest in projects that have their roots in business analytics (especially predictive analytics, within Valicon’s advance partnership for business analytics status with IBM). Those projects include areas such as acquisition and retention of clients, cross and up-selling, fraud detection and money laundering.

Ismir is regular guest speaker at BH universities and regional and international conferences as well, in the field of marketing, research and business analytics.

Ismir is psychologist by his vocation, and passionate amateur astronomer in his free time.