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Jaroslav Valuch

Jaroslav Valuch

Press Start

Czech Republic

Jaroslav Valuch is a Project Leader at Press Starta new global crowdfunding platform developed by media support organization Transitions for journalists in countries where the press cannot work freely. He leads a project that provides support to Czech journalists and students in the field of verification and factchecking.

Jaroslav is a Czech expert in media literacy, social media activism, hateviolence, hatespeech and communication with crisis-affected populations working with dozens of organizations and civic initiatives in Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. He joined Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention as a senior researcher and recently led a nationwide communication campaign focused on monitoring, awareness raising and mapping of hate motivated violence and hatespeech organised by The Office of the Government. He is a co-founder and member of Board of Directors of the Standby Task Force – Online Volunteer Community for Live Mapping

He worked for international relief and development organization People in Need, focusing on implementation of media literacy program into the educational curriculum, he co-authored several modules in the educational set “Current Russian propaganda”. In 2010 Jaroslav was a Fulbright Fellow on the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.