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Jelena Dukarić

Jelena Dukarić

Vojvodina civic centre


Jelena is a Program Manager in the Vojvodina Civic Center, Novi Sad-based non-governmental organization. By profession a lawyer-internal affair, by the love and ambitions – a documentary photographer. She has ten years of experience in activism, especially in the area of dealing with the past and transitional justice. In the last year she intensively, through the lens of the camera, monitors and records the civil protests in Novi Sad and Belgrade. With her colleagues in the Vojvodina Civic Center she has created a web platform where they merged their many years of research in the field of human rights abusing in Vojvodina, in the nineties, and she is very proud of it.

Jelena was one of the participants of Point 4.0 Conference, where she presented the audience a service for mapping and removal of hate speech graffiti in Novi Sad. (Energy was so good that in the middle of the presentation there was a short circuit and the power went off across the Kriterion)