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Jelena Kalinić

Jelena Kalinić

CSO "Science and the World"


Jelena Kalinić, graduate biologist, MA in comparative scientific literature, climate and health journalist and scientific communicator, holds a WHO infodemic manager certificate, Health metrics Study design & Evidence based medicine training. Winner of the 2020 EurekaAlert (AAAS) Fellowship for Science Journalists. Short-runner, second place in the selection for European Science journalist of the year for 2022. Internews Health Journalism Ambassador for 2022.

She is the founder, editor and author of the websites (an informative portal about vaccines and immunization for ordinary people as well as experts) and (a website that promotes scientific literacy and critical thinking and illuminates the connection between science, society and democracy). She is interested in the topics of health literacy, science as a whole and the impact of technology, especially AI, on society.