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Julius van de Laar

Four years ago Barack Obama set a new standard for political campaigning by changing the way new media was used to engage voters, shape public opinion, raise money and empower supporters.

In 2008, however, Facebook and twitter weren’t the primary communication channels to drive the campaign’s message or mobilize voters on election day. Instead, the most valuable digital communication asset was the campaign’s email list with over 13 million supporters that could be reached with one simple click.

As the 2012 presidential race heats up, all candidates are stepping up their digital game. And in this cycle, they are embracing social media more than ever.

Julius van de Laar will provide a first hand account on how campaigns empower millions to become active in the political process by giving a voice to anyone with an internet connection. Furthermore he’ll speak about the next practice in digital campaigning by focusing new tools combined with proven strategies that will take campaigns and engagement to the next level.

Julius is a political strategist and communications expert with strong campaigning experience. He has consulted politicians and political parties, non-governmental organizations and private sector corporations developing strategies to achieve their goals: developing a compelling campaign narrative, winning elections, advocating for issues, raising money, growing their membership and creating a movement.

During the 2008 US Presidential election, Julius van de Laar worked for Barack Obama’s winning presidential campaign in nearly a dozen states. There, he focused on targeting voters and gaining supporters by combining proven campaigning strategies with the latest new media tactics.