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Lorenca Bejko

Lorenca Bejko

Institute of Diplomatic Studies


Lorenca Bejko is a Doctor of Diplomacy, lecturer at the Institute of Diplomatic Studies in Paris and the Institute of European Studies in Tirana, graduated from the Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies in Paris, and served as a Diplomat with the rank of First Secretary, Consul at the Albanian Embassy in the Netherlands. Currently at Forum of Political Leaders with headquarters on D.C. Usa, is keeping the chapter of Albania as President for the current year.

In February 2021, she was the representative of French youth at the 25th Assembly in New York, headquarters of the United Nations. What distinguishes her work experience and commitment are her internship experiences at the Embassy of Lebanon in Paris and the Albanian Embassy in France. Lorenca has been the president of the European Law Organization “Elsa” at Sorbonne University for two years. Currently, Lorenca is a member of the Youth Council at the Tirana Municipality, lecturer in geopolitics between Paris and Tirana, as well as a doctoral candidate in constitutional law from Sorbonne University and Vrije University in Amsterdam.