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Maja Stojanović

Maja Stojanović

Civic Initiatives


Maja Stojanović is Executive Director in Civic Initiatives, a CSO working in the field of civil society development. She is a member the EU Delegation’s Team Europe composed of experts dealing with the EU integration issues, with expertise in a field on EU policies on human rights, democracy and minorities. She is Chair of the Governing Board of the Human Rights and Democracy House in Belgrade, network consisting of 5 prominent organizations dealing with the issues of human rights and development of the open, democratic society.

She is active in civil society more than 13 years, working in and/or leading several civil society organizations dealing with the human rights, transitional justice and civil society development. She was Director of Youth Initiative for Human Rights, working on Western Balkans issues in the field of transitional justice and human rights. She was General Secretary of the Saša Janković’s campaign for the 2017 presidential elections.