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Marko Galjak

Marko Galjak

Catalyst Balkans


Marko Galjak is the Data Products Owner for , a nonprofit intermediary support organization with a mission to broaden the domestic philanthropy ecosystem in the Western Balkans. Fusing his passion for both activism and data science, Marko plays a crucial role in developing Catalyst’s three major products: Giving Balkans – an open tool for exploring data on philanthropy in the Western Balkans; CiviCatalyst – CRM software as a service, based on the open source CiviCRM, localized into languages of the region; and, Donacije – an online nonprofit crowdfunding and social good payment platform in Serbia.  

Marko received his BSc and MSc in Demography at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. Marko holds an additional MSc in Computing in Social Sciences from the University of Belgrade. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Demography.