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Michael Slaby

Michael Slaby

CTO of Obama Campaigns in 2008 and 2012


slabyThis year during the POINT 3.0 we will be hosting Michael Slaby, the world’s leading expert of digital strategies, who works with civil society organizations.

In this moment Michael is managing partner at Timshel – a company which helps in finding solutions for challenges of social, civic and humanitarian initiatives by using technology, capacity development and by finding their creative potential. Michael was working in the election campaign of Barack Obama in the year 2012. Focusing on integration and innovation, he was also overseeing the work of the Director of Technology, Information and Administration and took care of the implementation and integration of technology throughout the campaign. In the previous campaign of the year 2008. he was working as Deputy Director of Digital Technology and as Director of Technology.

As the technology and digital strategy consultant, and as a board member, he has been working with UN, the State Department, Fuck Cancer, Bright Pink, and Am That Girl, Livestrong, Citizen Effect and Jumo.