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Mila Stamenova

Mila Stamenova

Campaign “For Life in Macedonia”


Mila Stamenova was a Senior PR Account Manager for the national campaign for parliamentary elections 2016 “For Life in Macedonia” – Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDUM). She worked on developing a communication strategy and consulting on public relations. In addition, she coordinated daily activities with the analytics and social media teams within SDUM’s Center for communication with the public.

Mila is a MSc in Human Geography and Planning, and obtained both her bachelor and master degree at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. However, she lives in Skopje and her working experience is based in the Macedonian private and non-governmental sector. Her work has been mainly focused on research, consultancy, project coordination, management and event planning on different topics, ranging from socio-economic, urban planning and environmental, to organizational and developmental matters.

Currently, Mila is working as an urban planning expert for a private consulting company, on a study for designing greenways along rivers in Skopje, and as a freelance expert for The Regional Environmental Center.