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Nađa Sinić

Nađa Sinić

Artist and sound designer


Nadja Sinic was born in Germany in 1994. After finishing highschol in Sarajevo, she studied  Graphic design and multimedia at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beginning of her studies she showed interests in theatre and filmmaking. She started to  work for the Academy of performing arts in her city as a costume and set designer. Later on, she  also worked for National Theatre in Sarajevo, Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica, Sarajevo War  Theatre and Kamerni Teatar 55 in Sarajevo. In 2015 she directed her first documentary film  about transgender artist from Sarajevo. 

Afterwards, she started to work a freelance costume and set designer and later as sound designer  assistant in Studio Chelia in Sarajevo. 

Today, she works as a Teaching Assistant at International Burch University.  

Her focus has always been on cinema, but in need to develop her own approach to it, she  increasingly noticed that many things that interest her are not so very far away from the field of  activism and multimedia approach to it. Comfortable in the space between genres and  definitions, Nadja always wants to create projects that could be termed and connected to sound  design, video art, installation, design with a dash of activistic approach to it.