Nerina Čevra

Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Nerina CevraNerina Čevra is the Programme Manager for Westminster Foundation for Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is currently working on promoting greater participation of women in the political life of BiH. Prior to that, Ms. Čevra, a human rights lawyer, was the Victims’ Rights Coordinator for Action on Armed Violence. In this role, she worked on advancing international legal and policy articulation of the rights of all victims of armed violence. In the decade of involvement with this issue, Ms. Čevra advocated for the rights of landmine survivors and persons with disabilities within the framework of the Mine Ban Treaty and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Ms. Čevra represented her native country, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the negotiations for the CRPD. Moreover, she helped negotiate the Convention on Cluster Munitions, with particular focus on ensuring rights-based victim assistance is integral part of that treaty.  In addition, Ms. Čevra developed training modules and trained survivors of armed violence and persons with disabilities around the world in rights-based advocacy and disability rights, and wrote various publications advancing this issue. Refugee from the Bosnian war, Ms. Čevra completed her education in the US, and received a Juris Doctor from the American University Washington College of Law.