Nikola Bulatović – Be responsible


Nikola is a researcher at Faculty of Electrical engineering in Podgorica, Montenegro. During his master and doctorate studies, his main areas of interest were programming, electronics and nanotechnologies. He won an award for one of the best students of his Faculty for results achieved. Nikola god his master in nanotechnology thanks to knowledge acquird durin his stay in Slovakian Academy of Science, at Faculty of Electrical engineering in Bratislava.

He finds programming and developng innovative web, Android and iOS applications which aim to popularize new technologies in the process of solving everyday problems of Montenegrian citizens especially pleasureable. In that sense, Nikola had, as a member of programming team at the Faculty of Electrical engineering in Podgorica, participated in the making of winning software project „Be responsible“ in a contest „Open ideas for Montenegro“ in June 2013. The project was a huge success and Nikola is now maintaining and improving the above mentioned system, as well as doing his studies.