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Paulius Murauskas

Paulius Murauskas

Transparency International Lithuania


After exploring the working experiences within the academic and public sectors, in late 2014 Paulius joined “Transparency International” Lithuania. Being a lawyer by education, here at TI Lithuania Paulius is [still] transforming himself into a changemaker and communicator of data-based findings. After working on and launching the judicial transparency platform OpenCourts, Paulius finds it hard to listen to people speak on open data in contravening terms and in many cases sees the .pdf format as a sign of sloppy [at the very least – deficient] governance.

Paulius substitutes the incidental talks on weather with conversations about ethical lobbying and effective protection of whistleblowers. Therefore some people consider these occurrences to be actual incidents.

Paulius knows that transparency is key to accountable governance of all kinds.

Paulius believes that surfing is key to happiness in life.