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Pavle Dimitrijević

Pavle Dimitrijević



Pavle is a Lawyer who found his true self while investing efforts in the work of the civil society organizations since 2001, constantly searching for an answer to the important question: How can we make the life of our society better? He toured the Balkans far and wide; along the way he initiated a successful campaign to save the River Tara.

He spent a decade of his life and work within the triangle Belgrade – Pristina – Podgorica. He advocated and brought positive changes to local communities where such changes seemed impossible. Providing him with deep understanding of the core problems in local communities across the region, this process developed his capacities for generating meaningful solutions to local issues.

Pavle joined CRTA team during 2016 parliamentary elections and has been working as the Head of Legal Department on devising ideas for political changes ever since. He knows no problems, only challenges. He loves Durmitor Mountain.