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Rosana Aleksoska

Rosana Aleksoska

Citizens Association MOST

North Macedonia

Rosana Aleksoska, BA in Economy – Macroeconomist, enrolled in Master studies in Psychology, with a focus on Social Psychology –  Civic and human rights activist and democracy defender.

Ms. Aleksoska has 17 years of experience and expertise in the sphere of elections, as well as in design and management of large-scale, multi-donor, multi-year projects.

One of the founders of the Citizens Association MOST where she is currently engaged as an Operational Manager. She coordinates program and fundraising activities and ensures project implementation in accordance with contract and reporting requirements and agreed time-dynamics. In the course of her work she served as Deputy Chief Officer of the MOST mission under USAID/Mercy Corps Iraq for election monitoring capacity building in 2014.

Currently she is responsible for management of the the two year project of Citizens Association MOST, Fighting Fake News Narratives – F2N2. 

F2N2 combats disinformation narratives which consist false information presented as a fact, publish fake and non-confirmed news, misinterpret facts and figures in order to mislead, confuse and manipulate the citizens. F2N2 produces and publish short rapid-response stories, longer debunking/research and analytic reports and detects the dissemination channels of disinformation. The focus is on the disinformation narratives (domestic and foreign) appearing around the Key events related to Euro-Atlantic Integration of North Macedonia.