Rysiek Rashiq

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Network security, privacy and media education expert. Activist, advocating free software and open standards in education, public institutions and business.

Participant to a number of public consultations and public debates, local and global, centered around new technologies, privacy, Internet censorship, data retention, public data re-use, access to public information,Internet governance, open education resources, and copyright reform. Between June 2014 and March 2015 member of the [Council for Digitization] at the Polish Ministry of Administration and Digitization.

Co-author of the [Media Competences Catalogue](http://katalog.edukacjamedialna.edu.pl/en/kompetencje/) and media education materials. Copyright and libre licenses coach.

Founding member of the [Warsaw Hackerspace](https://hackerspace.pl/), active member of the hacker community in Poland and abroad. Chief Information Security Officer at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project since August 2016.


The Future of Tech – Dystopia or Utopia