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Sandor Lederer

Sandor Lederer


Sandor LedererSandor Lederer is co-founder and CEO of K-Monitor, a non-governmental watchdog of public funds in Budapest, Hungary.

Sandor holds an MA in International Studies from Corvinus University, Budapest. K-Monitor was founded with the aim of drawing attention to issues of corruption and to bring a new level of transparency in the field of governance for the purpose of fostering democracy and the rule of law in Hungary.

Sandor is a regular speaker at international conferences and workshops focusing on anti-corruption, transparency, good governance and open data.

K-Monitor ( strives against corruption and promotes the transparency of public spending. K-Monitor operates open data websites, conducts researches and advocates for legal reform. In 2012 K-Monitor developed a website called the Network, a database and an interactive map on political and economic elite networks, public procurements, farmsubsidies and EU funding:

Besides being an expert in working with large datasets K-Monitor also conducted a research in 2012 on the transparency of public procurement in the V4 countries.