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Stefan Janjić

Stefan Janjić

Fake News Tragač


Stefan Janjić is a journalist on and PhD candidate at Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, Interdisciplinary studies of social sciences and humanities. In 2014 he completed bachelor studies of journalism as a veledictorian, after which he earnd MA degree in Communicology. The winner of the Extraordinary Award of the Senate of the University of Novi Sad for scientific work, on two occasions.

The winner of the award “Being and Language” of Radomir Konstantinovic Foundation. The winner of Sakura, Konrad Adenauer and Dositeja scholarships, as well as NIN literary scholarship. Founder and the first editor-in-chief of the magazine “Žurnalist”. He has been working with the Novi Sad School of Journalism since 2014 as a project coordinator and media analyst.