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Thomas Borwick

Thomas Borwick

Vote Leave Campaign


Thomas founded Kanto Systems, a political canvassing app and consultancy service in 2012. Thomas, has years of experience in data driven corporate, political and social campaigns. Thomas benefits from an in depth knowledge of the British political arena, helping organisations navigate it’s complex institutions and make sensible long term strategic decisions with the people who run them. In addition Thomas is a new media expert and enthusiast, bringing together the latest technology to build groundbreaking campaigns across the world.

Thomas’s most significant work includes London wide Mayoral campaigns, and UK wide referenda. Most recently he acted as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Vote Leave campaign. Under his leadership the campaign digitally galvanized and engaged the nation on a scale never before seen. Defying all expectations and overcoming the establishment, Vote Leave won the day. It is this tenacity, this overwhelming positivity, that defines Thomas’s approach to campaigns and ultimately their success. Thomas has worked on over 20 campaigns across the country and internationally in the Caribbean and America.

The Consultancy has ten team members and expands to fulfil all requirements of a campaign. The specialists range from online targeting, website creation, field research, online fundraising, PR, Persuasion messages and special projects.

Thomas graduated the University of Richmond, VA, with a BSc and BA in Economics and Finance, Leadership Studies and a minor in Law, where he was a fraternity president and gave the graduation speech in front of 6,500 people.

Thomas enjoys running and has recently completed the 10 Mile Tough Mudder.